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Water supply series products


In the fire engineering, the mechanical tee is the connecting piece between the main pipe and the branch pipe, and is directly connected with the branch pipe through the mechanical opening and special fasteners. Mechanical tee refers to three pipes connected together and connected in the middle. One pipe can enter and two pipes can exit. It can be used for the direct connection between branch pipes and steel pipes, and has many applications in the installation of fire pipes and sprinkler pipes. Mechanical tees can be used when shunting or merging is required.

1. mechanical tee tapping: select the appropriate tapper and use the tapper to prepare the tapping according to the standard.

2. steel pipe inspection: there shall be no burr around the opening size and the surface shall be smooth. There is no depression and bulge to ensure that there are no defects affecting the sealing ring.

3: File the burrs around the opening with a steel file. The rubber ring shall be prevented from being punctured during installation and the mechanical tee shall not be put to the bottom.

4. installation of rubber ring: slowly insert the rubber ring into the positioning hole of mechanical tee. Put the mechanical tee into the opened hole.

5. align the lower piece of the mechanical tee with the mechanical tee, put the bolt into the bolt hole of the mechanical tee, and remember that the gap on both sides must be uniform before installing the bolt.

6. imprison nuts: tighten the nuts by hand first, and then tighten the nuts at both ends of the pipe clamp by turns and evenly with a torque wrench to achieve (rated bolt torque) and ensure that the elliptical neck of the two bolts completely fall into the bolt hole.

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