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Thyristor switch


Thyristors, also known as silicon controlled rectifier, were previously referred to as silicon controlled rectifier. In 1957, Ge developed the world's first thyristor product and commercialized it in 1958. In terms of performance, the thyristor not only has single conductivity, but also has more valuable controllability than the silicon rectifier. It has only two states: on and off. The following describes the switching characteristics, working principle, main parameters and applications of thyristors.

Working principle: when a reverse voltage is applied between the anode and cathode of the thyristor, two PN junctions are in the reverse bias. When a forward voltage is applied between the anode and cathode, the middle PN junction is in the reverse bias. Therefore, the thyristor will not be turned on (called blocking).

During the operation of the thyristor, its anode (a) and cathode (k) are connected with the power supply and load to form the main circuit of the thyristor. The gate g and cathode K of the thyristor are connected with the device controlling the thyristor to form the control circuit of the thyristor.

Switching characteristics of thyristor:
1) At the beginning, if the control pole G is not applied with voltage, the thyristor will not conduct regardless of whether the anode a is applied with forward or reverse voltage, which indicates that the thyristor has positive and reverse blocking ability.
2) The thyristor can be turned on only when the positive voltage is applied to the anode a and control pole g of the thyristor at the same time, which are two conditions that must be met for the thyristor to be turned on at the same time.
3) After the thyristor is turned on, its control pole g loses its control function. To restore the blocking state of the thyristor, the anode current must be reduced to a certain value (less than the maintenance current).

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