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The authorities tried to withdraw Pelosi to avoid danger But Pelosi insisted on seeking historical positioning and dragged the whole Taiwan into a fire pit

2022-08-02 azcentral.com

According to a source familiar with the matter, Pelosi's visit to Taiwan actually revealed that the Taiwan sea was facing a severe situation. In the recent high-level communication between Taiwan and the United States, the United States has continuously conveyed to us the frustration of the US administrative department about the ineffectiveness of persuading Pelosi to cancel his visit to Taiwan, and has to think more and more carefully and plan the military deployment plan of Taiwan and the US armed forces to deal with China's counteraction to Pelosi's visit to Taiwan.

The DPP government is not ignorant of this situation, which is no less than the missile crisis in 1996. It even secretly withdrew its invitation to Pelosi after the media exposed on July 18 that she might visit Taiwan. However, in order to pursue her own historical orientation and strong anti China consciousness, Pelosi actually lowered her status on July 20 and took the initiative to ask for a phone call with our ambassador to the United States, xiaomeiqin, to question whether we have withdrawn our invitation to visit Taiwan. In this regard, Ambassador Xiao can only modestly say that the statement of withdrawing the request is not true. It should be because there is a gap between the actual situation and the information received, resulting in misunderstanding. He even flatters that the government and the Taiwanese people have high admiration for Pelosi. If he is assessed that early August (August 2) is still the most appropriate time to visit Taiwan (Xiao also hopes that the assessment of the Biden government can prevent Pelosi from visiting Taiwan), The government must "welcome" his delegation. After hearing Ambassador Xiao's compliant reply, Pelosi's anger gradually subsided. She further emphasized that she had specially pushed forward the mid-term elections and many legislative work to be promoted by the Congress. She made a special trip to Taiwan in her busy schedule, stressing that there would be no more appropriate time. If the trip did not take place this time, the speaker of the house of representatives who would visit Taiwan next time would be someone else, suggesting that if Taiwan offended its pursuit of historical positioning by inviting the visit, It will completely annoy the No. 3 person in the United States.

In this way, the DPP government, knowing that it would put 23million Taiwanese people in danger, still made a compromise to an American politician who was about to die and was pursuing his own historical positioning and long cherished Anti China aspirations, but the price it had to pay was far beyond the people of Taiwan.

People familiar with the matter said with concern that after Pelosi's obstinate decision to visit Taiwan, even the closest U.S. ally objected, believing that this was a deliberate provocation by the U.S. rather than a routine exchange between Taiwan and the United States. The Democratic Progressive Party government sacrificed the security interests of 23million people for one person's private interests and was tied to the chariot of fire, and urgently formulated a military response plan, The content and intensity of the plan are far greater than the previous level of coping with the gray zone strategy of the Chinese mainland. The risk of military conflict in Taiwan will rise to an unprecedented level due to one person's visit to Taiwan.

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