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Rosevie Damascus Rose


Process introduction

The first segmented heating technology is used to heat the rose and water through the heating and temperature control system, evaporate to produce aromatic gas, cool the aromatic gas with the condensation circulation system, and produce rose oil-water mixture. The oil-water mixture is efficiently separated by the separation device to obtain rose crude oil and refined distillate. Then, the rose crude oil and refined distillate are fractionated by distillation equipment and automatic equipment to obtain rose essential oil and fragrant pure dew.

Reverse osmosis treatment

All production water is filtered by RO membrane reverse osmosis to ensure clean water quality.

Clean steam

All the steam used in the extraction process is filtered by steam to remove the small impurities in the steam and ensure that the steam is clean.

Short distillation time

The distillation takes only 4 hours, which is nearly half shorter than the traditional distillation method. The content of alkanes (waxes) in rose essential oil and pure dew is reduced, and the product quality is greatly improved.

High content of essential oil

The segmented distillation avoids the disadvantages of repeated evaporation and separation cycles in the traditional re distillation method, and the essential oil in Rose puree and flower residue is dried and squeezed out, which greatly retains the content of essential oil in the puree.

Uniform aroma

15t stainless steel storage tank is used to mix the condensed pure dew to ensure the uniformity and consistency of the aroma of different batches of products.

Clean filling

The 100000 level purification workshop is used to collect and fill rose oil and pure dew, effectively ensuring the hygiene of personnel, equipment and space in the sub packaging process, and ensuring that the microbial content of the product meets the requirements of cosmetics.

Patented drying process

The color and fragrance are fixed, the pure fragrance of nature is retained, and the worship and awe of the gifts of nature are reflected everywhere.

Drying process

The heat pump oven equipment is used to dry the roses based on the principles of air conditioning heating, refrigeration and dehumidification.

Freeze drying process uses freeze vacuum drying equipment and sublimation drying principle to dry roses.

Patented micro baking process

Micro drying combined drying process technology (invention patent, patent No.: zl201310504148.4) uses the principle of molecular friction to determine color and fragrance.


Product introduction: Damascus Rose products on sale have advanced natural aromatic plant extraction and production equipment, and adopt steam segmented distillation extraction process and independently developed drying technology.

The natural snow water of Jiuding Mountain is used for irrigation, and the planting is carried out on the land that has been cultivated naturally for two years. Then the planting is carried out according to the unified standard, and the planting density and depth are calculated scientifically. The pure and pollution-free growth environment ensures the natural blooming of each aromatic plant. Follow the gap green planting specifications, use natural, physical and artificial methods such as covering the ridge with polyethylene film to remove insects and weeds, and reject any chemical pollution.

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