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Large character inkjet printer


Sichuan Chengdu Linshi industrial Inkjet Printing Technology Co., Ltd. has a complete identification product line. It supplies a full range of products including color band printer, tto intelligent printer, laser printer, small character printer, large character printer, handheld printer, bar code printer, laser printer, invisible ink printer and inkjet consumables. It is an industry-renowned supplier of inkjet printer identification products and traceability systems. Adhering to the service concept of "creating higher value for customers professionally", the company provides customers with a full range of identification solutions, and provides customers with a full range of pre-sales and after-sales services. These services include: professional technical consulting, pre-sales sample printing, inkjet printer trial, professional installation and training, fast technical support, and adequate supplies of consumables and spare parts. The company sells linservice, markwell, ec-jet, hailek and other product brands, forming various identification products such as contact code printer, non-contact code printer, full-automatic labeling machine, bar code printer and so on. These products include HP series printer, ls560 handheld printer, ls716 series large character printer, ec-jet series small character printer, hailek series small character printer, markwell laser printer, markwell fully automatic labeling machine and other products developed and produced by Linz company. We provide a full range of identification products including printer, small character printer, large character printer, high-definition bar code printer, handheld printer, laser printer, TIJ hot foaming printer, UV printer, invisible ink printer, self-adhesive labeling machine, bar code printer, bar code reader and other consumer materials for the above equipment, such as ink, solvent, cleaning agent, invisible ink, printer filter, Thermal printing ribbon, bar code ribbon, ink wheel, etc.
We have been a qualified supplier of P & G (China) Co., Ltd. for many years. Our well-known customers include P & G (China), Lafarge (China), Coca Cola, uni president, Wuliangye Group, Jiannanchun Group, Luzhou Laojiao group, Tsingtao Beer Group, China Resources Lanjian group, Di'ao Pharmaceutical Group, China Biotechnology Group, Sichuan longmang group, Lutianhua group, Sichuan Tianhua group, and Zhongshun group, Chengdu new hope group, Sichuan Huiji food, Sichuan Liji group, Sichuan Guangle group, Sichuan coal group, Sichuan Tongwei group, Sichuan xingchuancheng group, Sichuan Jiahua group, Yasen building materials, Chongqing beer group, Chongqing Zongshen electric appliance group, Guizhou Hongfu group, Guizhou saide group, Guiyang snow beer, Guizhou deliniang pharmaceutical, Yunnan Lancangjiang beer group, Kunming Jida Pharmaceutical Group, Kunming Jinxing Beer, Yunnan Wuliang zangquan, Gansu Jinhui liquor group, Gansu Duyiwei Co., Ltd. and other hundreds of enterprises, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, building materials, cable, chemical industry, electronics, tobacco and other industries.


Linshi LS716 series large character inkjet printer is a high-quality large font inkjet printer launched by Linshi company according to the market demand. The LS716 inkjet printer adopts the new I.V (integrated valve) technology, which can use water-based and quick drying ketone based inks to meet the inkjet printing on different surfaces. It is a stable, reliable, economic, flexible, simple and easy-to-use inkjet printer resistant to harsh environment. LS716 inkjet printer adopts the new integrated valve technology and the design that the electromagnetic valve is completely separated from the ink system. The ink pipeline can be cleaned without the valve. It is not only easy to maintain and repair, but also ensures the stable and reliable operation of the nozzle. The practical nozzle design technology of LS716 inkjet printer ensures that clear inkjet printing effect can be obtained in the process of high-speed inkjet printing.

Sichuan Chengdu Linshi industrial Inkjet Printing Technology Co., Ltd. is an old brand enterprise in the inkjet marking industry. In 2011, it was awarded the "top ten famous brands of Chinese inkjet printer" by China Food Packaging Machinery Association. As a professional identification product provider, the company has rich identification technology and product resources, focusing on the product identification and safety of manufacturing enterprises. Chengdu Linshi has nearly 20 years of service experience in the identification industry, providing safe, secure and reliable product identification for all sectors of society, especially in the professional and rich application of industrial identification Association and traceability.
Our mission is to provide a safe and efficient industrial identification system for the society.
Our vision is to become a reliable provider of overall solutions for industrial signs.


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