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Iron plastic triangle block


Iron plastic wheel chocks and triangle chocks are used to transport goods with wheels or cylindrical shape. They are suitable for railway, highway and ship transportation with wooden bottom plates. When transporting heavy goods, it should be used with fasteners to ensure the stability and safety of goods during transportation.
At present, a variety of models of iron plastic wheel chocks and triangle chocks have been developed, which are respectively applicable to scenarios with different cargo sizes. Customers can also carry out customized development and production according to specific goods needs. Please select the product of corresponding model according to different goods and service conditions.
Iron plastic triangle block, wheel block, double cap nail and fastener are used to reinforce goods and transport vehicles in the process of railway, highway and ship transportation. The iron plastic triangle block and the wheel block limit the relative displacement of the goods in the forward direction of the vehicle, and the fastener limits the relative displacement of the goods in multiple directions. The two are used together to ensure that the goods and the vehicle are fastened during transportation and ensure the stability and safety of the goods during transportation.


The iron plastic triangle block and wheel block are made of waste plastics, which re-use the waste, turn the waste into treasure, replace the way of strengthening with wood, save a lot of wood, and reflect the concept of environmental protection.
Iron plastic triangle block: the contact surface with the goods is plane, which is suitable for the mask of cylindrical goods. It can be used on both sides to reinforce the goods in the moving direction of the transport vehicle. See attached table 2 for specifications of iron plastic triangle block.
Usage: when in use, either side of the product can be placed at the position where it contacts with the goods, and the double cap nails can be nailed perpendicular to the vehicle floor at the reserved nail hole of the product. When in use, the front and back of the cargo wheels must be reinforced.

Deyang Xinxu metal structure manufacturing Co., Ltd., established in June, 2005, is located in the middle section of Tianhe Road, high tech Industrial Zone, Jingyang District, Deyang City, Sichuan Province.
The enterprise relies on strong scientific and technological advantages, strict scientific management, good technology, sincere reputation and high-quality service to cooperate with customers in an all-round way. We also have a number of senior engineers and intermediate engineers, as well as senior technicians who have worked for many years. We have jointly established our R & D team to ensure our product R & D capability. According to the production needs and passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, it undertakes various machining, heat treatment, riveting and welding parts, non-standard parts, power station auxiliary equipment, cylinders and other processing and post-processing businesses.
The R & D of iron plastic triangle block and wheel block took 3 years to complete. A large number of tests and verifications were done in product design and optimization, raw material formula design and optimization, production process design and optimization, and 4 related patents were obtained.
In recent years, the company has built a new workshop for the production of military spare iron plastic triangular blocks and ∪ type fasteners, with an annual output of 300000 iron plastic triangular blocks and wheel blocks and 300000 fasteners of various types. Iron plastic triangle block and other military spare parts have been sold to Shanghai, Xi'an, Qinghai and other places.





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