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The target user group of Arowana Home is mainly business upstarts, young golden-collar and middle-class families who are not only satisfied with the behavior of fish farming, but also pay more attention to the artistic sense, product experience and service of aquarium products. From the perspective of age group, the target customer group is mainly the post-90s, 80s and some post-70s people, who have the characteristics of high taste, pursuit of innovation and strong consumption ability. Subdivided from the demand scene, the products are divided into two types of needs: business space decoration and home decoration. According to different scenarios and decoration styles, Arowana Home will launch a variety of products to meet market demands.

Arowana Home is positioned to sell high-end smart aquariums and peripheral products, including fish feed, aquarium electrical accessories and aquarium landscaping. Different from the company's existing brands and most similar products on the market, Arowana Home was born to meet the needs of the upcoming smart home era. The product integrates touch screen control, mobile APP remote control and observation, allowing aquarium enthusiasts to be able to communicate with each other anytime, anywhere. The fish in the aquarium coexist.

The Arowana Home brand was registered in 2013. After nearly 6 years of offline development and accumulation, it has 19 provincial-level agents across the country. The brand and product positioning have been loved by consumers, and the product quality and high-quality service have also been well received by wholesalers. Praise; Arowana Home's offline wholesale annual sales have grown rapidly, and the current annual sales have reached 33 million yuan.


Contact Person:Wang Gang



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