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DT-JIN sewage treatment integrated equipment


DT-Jin sewage treatment integrated equipment
MBR process, unattended
The DT-Jin series is a series of products using the "A2O+MBR" process, and the effluent stably meets the "Urban Sewage Treatment Plant Pollutant Discharge Standard" GB18918-2002-level A standard discharge standard.
Biochemical processing unit
An important unit for the removal of organic matter, etc.
The A2O treatment process is currently the most widely used and most reliable activated sludge method for biochemical treatment. It increases the return of nitrification solution and sludge, and can effectively remove nitrogen and phosphorus.
MBR membrane processing unit
Conventional configuration, cost-effective
·Membrane filtration, the effluent reaches the standard stably;
·No secondary sedimentation tank, saving land;
·Prefabricated installation, easy construction and short cycle.
automatic control unit
Logic control, online regulation
Water production logic control;. Process threshold, chain control; Unattended, regular inspection.
-Sewage treatment integrated reactor-
Application scenarios
Residential districts, villages, market towns: Stations, Airports, Seaports, Shipyards, Tourist Sites, Earth Warehouse Scenic Spots
Domestic sewage can be directly discharged after being treated by integrated sewage treatment equipment
It can also be used for greening, toilet flushing and other reclaimed water reuse purposes.

DT·Jin integrated sewage treatment reactor is a series of products using "AAO+MBR" process. After anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic biochemical treatment, the sewage enters the built-in MBR membrane tank for membrane filtration. The hollow fiber membrane tube The wall is covered with micropores. Under the action of aeration, the sewage is accelerated to flow outside the hollow fiber, and the dynamic negative pressure filtration is formed under the suction of the self-priming pump, which does not block the membrane surface and can run continuously for a long time. The micropores of the membrane intercept macromolecular particles, and clean water enters the membrane through the micropores, and is pumped into the clean water pool by the self-priming pump.

Chengdu Yuanjin Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. is an innovative high-tech enterprise integrating environmental protection technology research and development, engineering design, equipment manufacturing/sales, general contracting of environmental protection projects, construction, installation and commissioning, and operation management. Located in Tianfu New District, Chengdu, Sichuan (Yida Tianfu Smart Technology City A6-1), we adhere to the business philosophy of "focusing on sewage treatment, reproducing clear water and clear sources", and constantly improve our professional capabilities, develop and update product series, and improve quality services. , is committed to building a first-class brand in the industry, helping the construction of national ecological civilization, and protecting our common home!
In recent years, around the "beautiful China", from the southeast coast to the north, from east to west, all parts of the country have increased sewage treatment efforts, and some areas have achieved a "gorgeous turn", but there are still many cities and towns implementing water environment Governance encountered some difficulties.
As a professional service provider of domestic sewage treatment equipment solutions, Yuanjin Environmental Protection has found three prominent problems in urban sewage treatment projects during more than 10 years of research and development of integrated sewage treatment equipment, design and construction of sewage treatment projects, and operation and maintenance management of sewage treatment facilities: 1. The technicians are unprofessional, the process design parameters are rigidly applied, and the calculation and adjustment are not carried out according to the actual situation of the customer, resulting in the effluent not meeting the standard; 2. The low threshold of the sewage treatment market leads to uneven product quality, and the competition of low prices and inferior quality disrupts the market order; 3 .The after-sales service is not timely, the process is not clear, and the service awareness is weak, resulting in a series of operational problems in the later stage. In response to the above problems, Yuanjin Environmental Protection has accumulated rich real case experience in domestic sewage treatment for many years. It has a high-quality and experienced professional technical team to provide targeted design solutions. Its own production workshop directly designs and manufactures according to customer needs. The prefabricated equipment is directly sent to the construction site for installation and debugging. The company has set up a separate after-sales department, combined with the real-time display and alarm prompts of the Internet of Things platform, to achieve 24h all-weather response.
The equipment covers domestic sewage, medical wastewater, landfill leachate, reclaimed water reuse, pure water preparation and other fields, suitable for use in families, residential quarters, villages and towns, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, scenic spots, etc. Domestic sewage and small and medium-sized food, slaughtering, aquatic product processing plants, as well as sewage, rainwater, water supply collection and lifting systems, the quality of sewage treated by this type of equipment can meet the national, local, industry discharge, use standards and customers are different. need. Widely used in southwest and northwest China, the annual output value has increased by more than 10 million in the past three years, and has won a good reputation from many owners.
The company's existing integrated sewage treatment equipment has four series, namely .AT·Jin integrated sewage treatment reactor, DT·Jin integrated sewage treatment reactor, PT·Jin integrated sewage treatment reactor, MINI·Jin sewage treatment integrated reactor Process an integrated reactor. Prefabricated pump stations, reclaimed water reuse, and pure water preparation are also separate systems.


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